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We value four skills in Japanese language education.

There are abundant curricula tailored for every student's level. On your first day, you will take a level check test, after which you can create and adapt your own curriculum.


What is Gotemba like?
Gotemba is conveniently accessible from the metropolitan area and is a very livable area surrounded by lush nature. It is famous for its large shopping mall, extensive infrastructure, hot springs, vicinity to Mt. Fuji and many sightseeing spots.

  1. Grammar - Learning to understand the structure of everyday Japanese sentences.

  2. Kanji/Reading comprehension - Learning Kanji increases your ability to read and understand written Japanese.

  3. Long text/Test - Understanding how to write longer and more complex Japanese sentences. Writing comprehension test.

  4. Listening Comprehension - Correctly understanding spoken Japanese is essential for smooth communication.

L.S. College with confidence

A study abroad counselor will give advice about preparation and study anxiety, and will answer any questions before you go abroad.

Visa arrangements, housing, employment support (such as internships, etc.), and other formal procedures will be taken care of so that your studies can begin smoothly. While you study Japanese culture, we will deliver up-to-date information about sightseeing spots and delicious restaurants.

Why Little Star? A fulfilling learning method.

Multinational counselors will fully support studying, living and finding employment in Japan.

When traveling to another country for the first time, especially for an extended period, language, people and culture are all examples of the many concerns that may face international students.
Little Star has many years of experience in English conversation classes, and employs full time staff and instructors with a multinational background. We will offer information and support for students.


Japanese only policy

In the classroom, we have a strict Japanese language only policy. This enforces that students speak Japanese on a daily basis, and aims to improve language ability.

Learning to live/Practical Japanese training

We have a wide range of practical training and English conversational training, after school children's club, a staff service department, and external partners. You will be able to learn about life in Japan outside the classroom during your study abroad. After completing one course (three months duration), you can take the LS language test. Those passing the test and a job interview will be offered work.

Just studying is a waste!

Through fun events and recreation, the Japanese language can be approached from many angles.

There will be multiple fun and engaging events: Christmas Party, Summer School, Volunteer Experience, Speech Contest (Japan).

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